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Reasons why I had to stop watching ’13 Reasons Why’

13-reasons-why_0As a tv shows addicted I had to write a post on the new Netflix hit “13 reasons why”.  I actually read the book a couple of years ago and I kind of hated it: the writing was so confusing (Hannah and Clay thoughts merged together and you can’t really understand the character who is actually talking) plus I find the entire plot a bit problematic. Ok, a lot problematic! I am not talking about bullying and suicide but how a victim becomes the bullying.
As someone who felt bullying on her own skin I would EVER willingly put someone else in the situation. The loneliness. The lack of self esteem. The hate for yourself. The tears. I would never do something like that to someone else. Not even for payback. I actually think the entire tapes concept is so wrong!

I still wanted to give a shot to the Netflix series because there is no series that I didn’t try on; aside the tapes revenge, I found the storyline has been adapted pretty well for the small screen: I quite enjoyed every characters and even the story, the cast is just supreme and I love every single actor but this show is just wrong for people who has been bullied and suffers of mental health.

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Top 10 Tuesday-ish: top 10 Fandoms!


All right, this comes out in the weekend and not really on a Tuesday because my mental health was pretty bad in these days and my physical health followed it but I couldn’t not post on these Top Tuesday: I mean FANDOMS they are my bread. I have been in so many fandoms in my life that I couldn’t even count them: I always devoured tvshows like chocolate popcorn and I constantly talk about my favorite shows (less now that I am actually a grown up and I know how to behave — kind of). Just ask my brother who doesn’t even watch a lot of them and he kept watching me like I was crazy.

Thank you Broke and Bookish for this TOP TEN TUESDAY.

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New TV obsession: Riverdale (+ Iron Fist)

As I should monthly update you, I have got a new obsession. I mean this will be a Riverdale-centric post since I am trying to convert every single people who doesn’t watch Riverdale: WATCH IT! But it will be a little of Iron Fist too since I just binge watched the entire season in less than 20 hours and my brother is still looking at me like I am an alien form.

So let’s start with Riverdale and a bunch of reason why you should start watching this brilliant series that it will keep your breath until the last episode.

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Spotlight on: Sara Barnard

“Spotlight on”  is my first (hopefully) recurrent post on the blog, I’m planning to make it a MONTHLY thing; the purpose of these blog-posts is to spread out the voice about Young Adult, especially the authors (new or less new) who makes this world so special to us. In the future, it might contains storytellers who hasn’t written only YA books.

This month spotlight is dedicated to SARA BARNARD aka my new reading obsession, in a good way. She has been added to my auto-buying author list, plus she is also a Potterhead and I love talk to her on Twitter, she is so kind and funny to talk with. *fingers crossed I would be able to meet her at YALC*

13857113WHO IS SARA? Sara lives in Brighton and does all her best writing on trains. She loves books, book people and book things. She has been writing ever since she was too small to reach the “on” switch on the family Amstrad computer. She gets her love of words from her dad, who made sure she always had books to read and introduced her to the wonders of secondhand book shops at a young age. Sara is trying to visit every country in Europe, and has managed to reach 13 with her best friend. She has also lived in Canada and worked in India. (Thanks to her tumblr). Continue reading “Spotlight on: Sara Barnard”

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5 tvshows I’ve been obsessed with lately.

As I said at the beginning of this year I am planning to do a LOT more tvshows posts than last year. Tv shows are one of my favorite land of freedom, I grew up with them and they are my godfather and godmother in some way: a lot of my believes are from tvshows. Like “drugs and alcol are bad” is from Dawson’s Creek, “believe in yourself” is from One Tree Hill or “Vampire don’t like sunshine” from Buffy. Things like that..
I am not here to get you super-bored with a list of tvshows I watch because it would be longer than Les Miserables. So if you want to watch something new, here are my latest obsession on the small screen.

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Top 3 #diverse TvShows. You can’t miss them!


This year I really want to focus more on diverse shows and books: our media really need to reflect the real world and not just a white rich world where there is no racial, sexual orientation and health difference. It doesn’t make any sense to me. So I want to start the year with my TOP THREE SHOWS that I think they respect pretty well the diversity and variety of our complicated world.


I don’t think it will ever be a more diverse show then SENSE8. Currently, there isn’t. Sense8 faced diversity in all its forms: race (caucasians, asiatics, PoC, ispanics and indians characters), sexual orientation (straight, gay, lesbian and transgender characters), mental health (depression), feminism (there is NOT one single badass female character in it). In Sense8, you can see the entire world and cultures and NOT only but the characters are linked to each other so everybody can relate to the other. It’s just pure magic. Please, if you haven’t watched the show yet: go on your netflix account and start. You have until May to catch up before S2.
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I am NOT a zombie girl!

Hello reader, this is NOT a bookish post but it’s more a post against prejudice for people who watches horror show/movie.

All right, after this premise… I’m not an horror movie fan, but I’m a sucker for The Walking Dead (as a lot of you know) and I actually love Romero’s movie. There is something about zombie that I really enjoy.
What I really can’t stand anymore is that I’ve been called an unheartful person who enjoys to watch people being eating alive and death’s in general. Especially from people who are supposed to know me and of course, don’t watch the show. WOW.
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