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#WrapUp: my September Wrap Up!

19621606_1862250074098752_465844675_nI don’t know what happened to this year but the summer went gone so suddendly. Don’t make me wrong I am good with it: there is so point of being summer if I have to work in the office and I was pretty tired of 35+ degrees on my skin. Especially because I tend to not feel very well on the warm wheather.
So I finally went back on light up candles. I missed those smells so much.

Getting up to my wrap up of this month. I don’t think it wasn’t bad couting that I went back to 8hours+ of work and I had the time to reading only on my trip to work. So here we are..

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#Top10Tuesday: 5 Books that feature character with Mental Illness

toptentuesday So it seems like I went back with my Top Ten Tuesday posts. Lets see how much I can be consistent with them or blogging in general.. I accept bets.
So this tuesday the theme is “Ten Books That Feature Characters ________” and I couldn’t not exploit the situation in order to talking about MENTAL HEALTH. So here you are going to have a post with my favorite book about mental health and if you still haven’t read any them this is your chance to pick it up one and START.
Remember that the first action to fight the stigma is recognizing that mental health is real.

Thank you Broke and Bookish for this TOP TEN TUESDAY.

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My August wrap up!

19621606_1862250074098752_465844675_nThis last month has been pretty incredible. I finally had two weeks off work and I had travel just a little bit: I went back to England — Liverpool, Manchester and Chester — I visited a friend who is doing an internship in Liverpool so we caught up, ate a bunch of food, laughed and traveled. I also went to visit one of my best friend to Naples, so I had a bit of sun on my skin.
When I am on a holiday I tend to not read that much this is because my holidays are always catching up or visiting some friends and it is a bit rude to read in front of someone, especially if you paied  quite a sum for being there with them. So I read during my trip — flights and trains — and the few days that I have been at home. I had to say I am quiet proud of my wrap up of the month — even if I haven’t the time to write any reviews for the books that I read but they were so so GOOD!

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The August (INSANE) Book Haul!

This month book haul is a bit insane and mostly is because of YALC. Just with the book convention I went back home with 20 books and I left my house with just 4 books before the event. Plus I came back to England for a few days of holidays and I bought other 3 books: I can’t resist to Waterstone and the loneliness of the Airport. I am supposed to spend money at the airport especially when I am coming back to Italy. What am I supposed to do with pounds?

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YALC: the highlights at the event from a Newbie.

21013421_10214348198362517_89763869_n I know it is already been a month since YALC but I literally had no time between crazy work before the holidays and my actual holidays (which I totally deserve them — I have been worked/studied like a crazy person since September). I am going back to work in 2 days but I wanted to share my first experience at YALC.

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I don’t remember if I have already mentioned it here but this year I AM GOING TO YALC FOR MY FIRST TIME!!! WHAAAAAT??? Yes, I know I still don’t believe it! And it’s less than 40 days away so I am a bit all over the place. I have got my plane tickets and my event ticket (all three days, you all!). I already booked an hotel room (GO MONEY!) and I am already mentally planning a few places that I need to visit while in London.


An unexpected hiatus!

Hello readers,
you probably haven’t even noticed but the blog went on hiatus for like a month. I apologize for that but it wasn’t planning.
I actually had to change my old computer (it had 7 YEARS!) and I have also been overwhelmed by work and studying + my mental health was totally out of control last month so the blog was actually one of my last thought.
But I wanted to get back so here I am.
An exciting thing will happen next month >>> MY FIRST TIME AT YALC and I am so freaking excited about it. I will update you with the event, my planning and craziness and a bunch of reviews should reach you in the next weeks.
I hope you enjoy it!