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My August wrap up!

19621606_1862250074098752_465844675_nThis last month has been pretty incredible. I finally had two weeks off work and I had travel just a little bit: I went back to England — Liverpool, Manchester and Chester — I visited a friend who is doing an internship in Liverpool so we caught up, ate a bunch of food, laughed and traveled. I also went to visit one of my best friend to Naples, so I had a bit of sun on my skin.
When I am on a holiday I tend to not read that much this is because my holidays are always catching up or visiting some friends and it is a bit rude to read in front of someone, especially if you paied  quite a sum for being there with them. So I read during my trip — flights and trains — and the few days that I have been at home. I had to say I am quiet proud of my wrap up of the month — even if I haven’t the time to write any reviews for the books that I read but they were so so GOOD!

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The August (INSANE) Book Haul!

This month book haul is a bit insane and mostly is because of YALC. Just with the book convention I went back home with 20 books and I left my house with just 4 books before the event. Plus I came back to England for a few days of holidays and I bought other 3 books: I can’t resist to Waterstone and the loneliness of the Airport. I am supposed to spend money at the airport especially when I am coming back to Italy. What am I supposed to do with pounds?

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YALC: the highlights at the event from a Newbie.

21013421_10214348198362517_89763869_n I know it is already been a month since YALC but I literally had no time between crazy work before the holidays and my actual holidays (which I totally deserve them — I have been worked/studied like a crazy person since September). I am going back to work in 2 days but I wanted to share my first experience at YALC.

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I don’t remember if I have already mentioned it here but this year I AM GOING TO YALC FOR MY FIRST TIME!!! WHAAAAAT??? Yes, I know I still don’t believe it! And it’s less than 40 days away so I am a bit all over the place. I have got my plane tickets and my event ticket (all three days, you all!). I already booked an hotel room (GO MONEY!) and I am already mentally planning a few places that I need to visit while in London.


An unexpected hiatus!

Hello readers,
you probably haven’t even noticed but the blog went on hiatus for like a month. I apologize for that but it wasn’t planning.
I actually had to change my old computer (it had 7 YEARS!) and I have also been overwhelmed by work and studying + my mental health was totally out of control last month so the blog was actually one of my last thought.
But I wanted to get back so here I am.
An exciting thing will happen next month >>> MY FIRST TIME AT YALC and I am so freaking excited about it. I will update you with the event, my planning and craziness and a bunch of reviews should reach you in the next weeks.
I hope you enjoy it!

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Wrap Up: April 2017

I totally missed out last month wrap up and I was almost forgetting about this month but here I am. So April wasn’t actually a good month for me: mental and physical health have been an issue. Especially because my depression and anxiety increased too much with the “13 reasons why” releasing. (Click here to find out what I think about the show)
In addition I was in a reading slump and in a book buying ban. (YEAH, I KNOW).

But the good thing is that I won 50£ to spend on Wordery during a giveaway and I can’t wait to get the books I ordered. They pretty are amazing! Plus I also bought my YALC tickets for the all EVENT! It is my first time and I am freaking excited about this! (I also watched Beauty and the Beast in the theatre — FINALLY! — and I am so addicted with the soundtrack!)

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Reasons why I had to stop watching ’13 Reasons Why’

13-reasons-why_0As a tv shows addicted I had to write a post on the new Netflix hit “13 reasons why”.  I actually read the book a couple of years ago and I kind of hated it: the writing was so confusing (Hannah and Clay thoughts merged together and you can’t really understand the character who is actually talking) plus I find the entire plot a bit problematic. Ok, a lot problematic! I am not talking about bullying and suicide but how a victim becomes the bullying.
As someone who felt bullying on her own skin I would EVER willingly put someone else in the situation. The loneliness. The lack of self esteem. The hate for yourself. The tears. I would never do something like that to someone else. Not even for payback. I actually think the entire tapes concept is so wrong!

I still wanted to give a shot to the Netflix series because there is no series that I didn’t try on; aside the tapes revenge, I found the storyline has been adapted pretty well for the small screen: I quite enjoyed every characters and even the story, the cast is just supreme and I love every single actor but this show is just wrong for people who has been bullied and suffers of mental health.

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