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Reasons why I had to stop watching ’13 Reasons Why’

13-reasons-why_0As a tv shows addicted I had to write a post on the new Netflix hit “13 reasons why”.  I actually read the book a couple of years ago and I kind of hated it: the writing was so confusing (Hannah and Clay thoughts merged together and you can’t really understand the character who is actually talking) plus I find the entire plot a bit problematic. Ok, a lot problematic! I am not talking about bullying and suicide but how a victim becomes the bullying.
As someone who felt bullying on her own skin I would EVER willingly put someone else in the situation. The loneliness. The lack of self esteem. The hate for yourself. The tears. I would never do something like that to someone else. Not even for payback. I actually think the entire tapes concept is so wrong!

I still wanted to give a shot to the Netflix series because there is no series that I didn’t try on; aside the tapes revenge, I found the storyline has been adapted pretty well for the small screen: I quite enjoyed every characters and even the story, the cast is just supreme and I love every single actor but this show is just wrong for people who has been bullied and suffers of mental health.

After watching the first episode I forced myself on watching no more than an episode a day but later I figured out that it wasn’t enough. This entire series is just wrong.

  • Lack of trigger warnings. What is wrong with people in these days? Just insert a stupid trigger warning before the episode! Especially in a series that treats topic like bullying, anxiety, sexism, rape, depression, suicide.. WHAT THE HELL?!
  • It triggered me depression and suicidal thoughts. I had to stop after episode 7 when I have been dragged in a deep depression status — I haven’t had an attack like that since at least 6 months — I just wanted to lay down and keep crying for no real reason. My parents keep yelling to me that I need to talk to them and what was wrong with me but how can I explain depression to someone?! I just had these dark thoughts. Nothing was bright in my life. Not even future trips or my job or a book. Nothing. I just wanted to be alone.
  • All the ’13 reasons why’ social media reactions just hurt people who actually dealt with bullying, depression and suicide. There are a bunch of memes on Facebook that try to ridicule Hannah’s story and that is so freaking offensive! On Twitter people laugh at people suicides commenting with “when his/her tapes are going to get release?” and don’t even make me talk about THIS Netflix US exit. (The channel that it’s supposed to advocate a stigma like suicide, depression and bullying! Are you kidding me?!)
  • ’13 reasons why’ is not making people more sensitive about mental health. Even if I stop watched the series I kept reading the comments online and they were just so hurtful: “she just wanted attention”, “I hate Hannah. She is a whore” or “these are not reasons to commit suicide”. This last comment keep pop up on my time line over again and again and again: this is the proof on how people are ignorant about MENTAL HEALTH! So ignorant. Do you really think that isolation, self-hatred and a good dose of mental health disease won’t lead a person to suicide? Especially a teenager whom his/her entire world revolves around high school?! I am talking of adult people: 40+! I hope you don’t talk to you children like this!

I think ’13 reasons why’ has good potential but it has just been written in the wrong way for a thousand of reasons. I hope in the future authors/publishers/producers will focus more on their audience and protect them more. The world need more awareness on Mental Health but it needs to be done in the right way!


5 thoughts on “Reasons why I had to stop watching ’13 Reasons Why’

  1. Oh my goodness, when I saw that tweet from Netflix I was SO MAD. I mean, come on, of all companies and people, they shouldn’t make a joke like that.

    While I agree with what you are saying, and I am so sorry that it caused you so much pain ❤ They really should have given people something MORE to let them know what the show was going to entail (like trigger warnings, or more open discussion BEFORE it went live). I personally enjoyed it. It helped me through some personal stuff – so it wasn't just "enjoyable" to me, it helped me. But I definitely respect that it didn't do that for everyone and I just wish OTHER people would think the same way. I've seen some really rude things on social media, like the memes. It's ridiculous!

    Take care of yourself <33

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    1. Thank you Molly! I am so glad it actually did something good for someone ❤ I kind of need this kind of reply. I need something good to come from this!
      I am actually a lot better now. Thank you!


  2. I don’t even really know much about the show or the book except that I don’t go anywhere near it. I’m sorry it triggered you, they should have had proper warnings. Thank you for sharing this so people can stay away from it!


  3. I agree with you, although I haven’t read the book. But I’m not intending to anyway because I’ve read some reviews and they all sounded pretty much like what you’re saying here. I was bullied myself – I really don’t know why people want to read/watch this.


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