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Review: The coldest girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

the_coldest_girl_in_coldtown_coverTITLE:  The coldest girl in Coldtown
WRITTEN BY: Holly Black
VERSION I READ: paperback
PAGES: 419


(PLOT BY GR) Tana lives in a world where walled cities called Coldtowns exist. In them, quarantined monsters and humans mingle in a decadently bloody mix of predator and prey. It’s an eternal party, shown on TV 24 hours a day – gorgeous, glamorous, deadly! Because, once you pass through Coldtown’s gates, you can never leave…A wholly original story of rage and revenge, love and loathing from bestselling author, Holly Black.

“The coldest girl in Coldtown” is my first DID NOT FINISH book of 2017. I just found this book SO BORING and it was telling anything, just anything. And trust me, it wasn’t me: I was in the right mood, I need a vampire book after finishing The Vampire Diaries I need something like that, I read the plot and liked it. There were also 95% of my Goodreads friends who reviewed this book 4-5 stars. I mean it was a sure thing, except IT WAS NOT.

The first 20 pages of this book were actually outstanding and I was so glad I have decided to start this story, sadly the next pages were like living hell.
1. Worst female characters: the female representation in “The coldest girl in Coldtown” is ridiculous. They are boring, stupid, not-relatable at all. They are so freaking boring. I mean I related more with Bella from “Twilight” than Tana. Don’t even make me start about the secondary female characters. OHMYGOD. I won’t.
2. The vampires were no to be found. It’s a book about vampire without vampires — except the first 20 pages which were awesome — we have got Gavriel who is a vampire that just comes and goes from the story. Gavriel is even more boring than Stefan when he was Elena-centric. GOD! He gave me NOTHING.
3. We are in a city where everybody knows about vampires existence and no one knows how to fight them. This is like the stupidest thing of the book. I understand that we have special city (the coldtowns) where most of the vampires live but if we keep having “cold” people who are getting turn in vampires in the normal cities why nobody teach them how to fight and defend themselves against the vampire? WHERE THE HELL ARE THE TRUE BLOOD VIBRATIONS HERE?
4. People get turned in vampires because they are bitten. I mean WHAT THE HELL? ARE THEY VAMPIRES OR WEREWOLVES? This was like the pike of non-sense in this book: I understand that every book creates its own world but this was just a BIG NO for me. NOPE.

The story just keep dragged itself and it was like endless. So when I reached 300 pages of “The coldest girl in Coldtown” I decided that I tortured myself enough and abandon it.
I don’t think I will pick up another book written by Holly Black any soon.

One thought on “Review: The coldest girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

  1. I’m so surprised. Everyone who I’ve seen read this book seems to love it. I’ve hesitated myself with this one because I’ve never gotten into Holly Black and I don’t read vampire novels. It is puzzling to hear that no one knew how to fight the vampires even though they were known and people were in danger of being turned. Huh. Appreciate your thoughts!


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