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Unboxing: January Fairyloot

This 2017 I made a promise to myself to not buy anymore book subscription boxes because I don’t really need them and I should spare more money since I have to attend YALC this year, plus the spare money from the boxes could be used in more books right? Well, I have already purchased two Fairyloot boxes this year: January because of Caraval and March since they will have one of my most anticipated reading of this year and it’s also Fairyloot’s birthday so it would have kind of rude not attend their 1st birthday, right? OF COURSE!

Excuses apart, here is what you have missed in the January’s box!

This has been my first complete satisfied box — I generally always have one or two items that I put aside in my drawer for future gifts, but this one was so BRILLIANT. I LOVED EVERYTHING. REALLY.

The NIGHT CIRCUS 16×16 pillow case designed by Lisa Rodil was definitely my favorite item of this box. It is just magical. The monthly Fairyscoop had a brilliant interview with the author of the month Stephanie Garber. And the little Snake is Nagini: the mistery of the box was receiving a mini-mistery of Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. I have got HP!



Another item that I fell in love with is the Alice in Wonderland bookmark is such a strong bookmark with a remarkable design which I am currently using on my Grisha reading.

There was also a second book “How to think like Sherlock” that my brother already stole. In addition there were “The alchemist” bookmark, a code for a new series in ebook and a “Passengers” notebook — I think I am going to add The Passengers and The Wayfarer on my reading list ASAP.




A rose necklace from OhPandaEyes — I even like the jewelry! This necklace is so charming and simple that I love it, plus I will definitely wear it while I will watch Beauty and the Beast at the theatre next month! A “come back yesterday” candle from my favorite shop: MERAKI CANDLES — Stephanie Garber picked the name for the candle and the smell is amazing >> chocolate *o*


A bookplate from the author of the month. A marvelous bookmark with THE CLOCK (I love the clock) of Caraval. A card “remember it’s only a game”. And a fantastic letter from Stephanie Garber full of symbols that you will also find reading the book.


And finally the amazing UK version of CARAVAL by Stephanie Garber. I’ve found the rose version: you could receive any of the four covers that Hodder & Stoughton left in the world.


I am so sorry for the pictures but I am not a bookstagrammer and I have my iphone for taking the pictures and a room which is not exactly great in term of lights.

THE MARCH’S FAIRYLOOT BOX HAS BEEN SOLD OUT. But keep on eye on on the first days of March you might get the chance to still grab one.

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