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Top Five Books I Wish Had more Diversity In Them


I ditched the Top Ten Tuesday for a few weeks because I wasn’t really in my blog mood and I didn’t have much to say but I am back (at least for this week). First of all, thank you to Broke and Bookish for creating this tag and the open theme: this week’s one was completely free a top 10 books we wish had less/more something and since one of my goal of the year is to talk more about diversity and I seize the opportunity with this post. Even if the top will be of 5 books instead of 10, I hope you will enjoy.

  1. A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES by Sarah j. Maas: don’t make me wrong I enjoy and love this book as much everyone else and I actually devour both of ACOTAR and ACOMAF this autumn but let’s talk honestly this serie of books has a HUGE LACK of DIVERSITY in every possible way: race, sexual orientation, disease, EVERYTHING! I would love to read new Sarah Maas books with a recognition of diversity in the world.
  2. Am I normal yet? by Holly Bourne: it’s one of my favorite book in the world and it’s actually the first book that I read about anxiety and it helped me a lot. You can’t say anything about feminism and mental health issues about this book and the trilogy in general but I wouldn’t mind to read more race and sexual orientation diversity in it: we have three female MC who are white and straight.
  3. The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. This is my favorite serie in the whole world and I started reading books thanks to this author. I was a kid when I read for the first time this book and we also have to recognize that Harry Potter was a serie written in the 90s and it was already criticized as a Satana’s book for its magic content but reading it in adulthood I cannot not see the lack of diversity in race, sexuality and any form of disease or disability.


  4. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater: it’s not a secret that I am not crazy about this serie. I didn’t have a real connection with all the main characters, if not with Ronan who I eternally love but I really like Stiefvater writing. But this book is completely lack of race diversity: we have an Asian character in the end but that’s it; I mean we have FIVE main characters who are all WHITE. All five of them.
  5. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell: here’s another author who I really like but whom I have a thousand of issues with this book. I find this book RACIST, I am sorry but it is full of stereotype regards the Asians. LITERALLY FULL OF THEM. The love story is really cute but it’s quite impossible to pass on these.

One thought on “Top Five Books I Wish Had more Diversity In Them

  1. Completely agree with you! I love The Raven Cycle, but I can totally admit it lacks diversity – especially POC and it isn’t perfect either when it comes to LGBTQ representation – so I hope Stiefvater is going to do better in the future. She is writing a trilogy about Ronan and I’d be very disappointed if she made the same mistakes again!

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