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5 tvshows I’ve been obsessed with lately.

As I said at the beginning of this year I am planning to do a LOT more tvshows posts than last year. Tv shows are one of my favorite land of freedom, I grew up with them and they are my godfather and godmother in some way: a lot of my believes are from tvshows. Like “drugs and alcol are bad” is from Dawson’s Creek, “believe in yourself” is from One Tree Hill or “Vampire don’t like sunshine” from Buffy. Things like that..
I am not here to get you super-bored with a list of tvshows I watch because it would be longer than Les Miserables. So if you want to watch something new, here are my latest obsession on the small screen.

ZOO based on James Patterson books (CBS)
This was the OBSESSION with the flu. The show is based on a disease that it’s hitting all the animals — domestic and not — that decides to rebel against the human and starts to kill them. BE AWARE: IT’S SUPER ADDICTING
S3 is coming june 30th. CAN’T WAIT! There is a HUGE cliffhanger!


FULL HOUSE (Netflix – 80/90s comedy)
I never been able to watch this comedy before because I wasn’t breathing yet and suddenly I found my self at s5 with the Tanner’s family. God, why there aren’t anymore comedy like this? I didn’t like a comedy as much since How I met your mother — I totally have a crush on John Stamos now who could be my Dad but details


I waited for this serie since month and I finished it in TWO DAYS. Two fucking days. (Only because I had work) I LOVE IT! Guys, don’t listen to those voices “It’s not Jim Carrey. Boo!” Come on, Neil Patrick Harris is artistically another level and this serie is so much better than the movie. The kids are amazing but Count Olaf is really unpleasant — and I love NPH! IT HAS ONLY 8 EPISODES but it’s coming back!

Awww, ok. This is not news. Not for me. I have been obsessed with this show for like 5 YEARS and if they don’t find a solution to get back all the characters I am going insane. TOO MANY FEELINGS HERE. WATCH TEEN WOLF. WATCH IT. WATCH IT! It’s gonna hurt.

THIS IS US (ABC – family drama)
This is the HIT show of the year. It’s a family’s drama and tears are a MUST in every single episode so be aware of that. But it’s so good that you can’t miss it! Plus it’s already been renewed for S2 and S3 and there’s MILO VENTIMIGLIA in it. COME ON!

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