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My Christmas/Birthday HAUL!


I’ve got a pretty good book haul between Christmas and my Birthday which was on the 27th December (yeah, I know.. What I waste). But I received a pretty good bunch of new books and I am so thrilled about them. *squealing* My Christmas lists do always know what they are doing! So here we are, I currently got 18 new books.

  1. Grisha’s trilogy by Leigh Bardugo which has been gently offered by my brother and his girlfriend. I won’t hide the fact that I totally yelled when I see these books.
  2. The witch kiss by Katherine and Elizabeth Corr was gifted to me by my Secret Santa who is not so secret anymore.
  3. Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard is my currently and first 2017 reading and it was gifted to me from my Secret Santa.
  4. Holding up the universe by Jennifer Niven is the third book gifted to me by my Super Awesome Secret Santa.
  5. The nest by Kenneth Oppel was gifted to me by my friends for my birthday with a 10€ ebook giftcard, a lush perfume and earrings. They are pretty amazing, I know.
  6. If I was your girl by Meredith Russo was gifted to me by my other best friend for my birthday — and I was really hoping he would choose this book from his list ❤
  7. Reasons to stay alive by Matt Haig was gifted always by my best friend but for Christmas this time and I think it’s gonna help me a lot during depressed times.
  8. The Fantastic Beasts and where to find them screenplay by JK Rowling has kind of a funny story. I’ve bought it on bookdepository at the end of November and never received it so while I was waiting the xmas packages from my BFF, it has to be mixed up with his packages and it ended up under the tree. So Merry Christmas to me by myself!
  9. Time travelling with a hamster by Ross Welford was a gift from my #SundayYASS and I’m so glad it survived my dog attacks — which I’m going to tell you in the next line.
  10. The year of the rat by Claire Furniss was gifted by #SundayYASS but it was destroyed by my dogs because the stupid postman decided to launch the package in my garden and didn’t even try to ring the bell. I already filed a complaint! Gladly I’ve got like 5€ gifted my the kobo website and I decided to buy this ebook.. Only paid like 0,62€.
  11. Dreamology by Lucy Keating was one of the ebook I choose from the ebook gift card. It’s a book I wanted to read it from a while.
  12. Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies by JK Rowling was the other ebook that I picked up with the gift card. (I still have a few euros left)

  13. An alligator on the bathroom by Carter Langdale which was sent to me as a surprise winning at a twitter giveaway by John Blake Books. (Thank you!)

In addition, I gifted myself TWO preorder for my birthday: History is all you left me by Adam Silvera and A quiet kind of thunder by Sara Barnard which has been already shipped it. Plus, I’ve bought an ebook of Mist and Whispers by C.M. Lucas

2 thoughts on “My Christmas/Birthday HAUL!

  1. Grisha trilogy is SO good! It’s “worse” than SoC/CK simply because her writing improved, so please don’t let the first book discourage you in case you don’t find it great because she improves so much with each book! 🙂


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