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My Dream Crate: Back to life.

lootcrateWe are all obsessed with subscription boxes: what makes unique a monthly box is the theme and how all the items are linked to that single theme. Have you ever thought about create a single box both theme and all the items? The work behind is endless: the advertising, the contact, the requesting of all the items and the shipping. What if something goes wrong? Did they already have a back up plan? Most of the companies have already planned ahead five or six boxes. It’s insane! I have a profound respect for all this people.
So when I found out that Loot Crate was hoping to find out what fans would do if given the task of creating their own dream crate I was so thrilled about it. Loot Crate is known for their various monthly subscriptions so there are so many directions you could choose. I had to pick up a theme and then all the items and franchise to be included in this dream box.

It definitely wasn’t easy to put together this box but I hope you will enjoy it. I would definitely love it.



We all have suffered at least a character loss in our life and even if “it’s just a show” and “it’s not real” we all know that losing our favourite character can be really painful. So why not have a crate in honor of those characters who have a special place in our hearts?!

Items included:
HODOR thirt
GLENN RHEE funko pop
DOBBY plush
SUCK MY NUTS sticker

Franchise: Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones, The 100.

How do you handle with fiction deaths and who is the latest character that you have lost?

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