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Say her name by Juno Dawson

18621200TITLE: Say Her Name
WRITTEN BY:  Juno Dawson
HOW I GOT IT: AbeBooks
VERSION I READ: paperback
PAGES: 287


(PLOT BY GR) Roberta ‘Bobbie’ Rowe is not the kind of person who believes in ghosts. A Halloween dare at her ridiculously spooky boarding school is no big deal, especially when her best friend Naya and cute local boy Caine agree to join in too. They are ordered to summon the legendary ghost of ‘Bloody Mary’: say her name five times in front of a candlelit mirror, and she shall appear… But, surprise surprise, nothing happens. Or does it? Next morning, Bobbie finds a message on her bathroom mirror… five days… but what does it mean? And who left it there? Things get increasingly weird and more terrifying for Bobbie and Naya, until it becomes all too clear that Bloody Mary was indeed called from the afterlife that night, and she is definitely not a friendly ghost. Bobbie, Naya and Caine are now in a race against time before their five days are up and Mary comes for them, as she has come for countless others before… A truly spine-chilling yet witty horror from shortlisted ‘Queen of Teen’ author James Dawson.

REVIEW: “Say Her Name” by Juno Dawson is a retelling of the Bloody Mary legend: I found myself reading this book as this legend was one of my favourite episode on the old Supernatural seasons and as soon as I started reading it I did a lot of research on the original story. Thank you Google. This book is so creepy for a girl like me. I tend to scary A LOT and I have a really wild imagination and I’m not watching horror anymore, but I think books are even worse. You start to image anything.
If you don’t know the legend of Bloody Mary: you need to say her name 5 times (in this case, every legend has a different number) in front of the mirror and Mary will come out from the mirror and kill you/rip off your eyes. (In a particular legend, Mary appears and predicts your future — but it wouldn’t be an horror).

One Saturday night, Bobbie, Caine and Naya say her name in front of the mirror after a bet. The day after Bobbie sees “FIVE DAYS” written on a mirror and starts to have vivid dream about Mary’s past.. These dreams becomes everytime more real until she has cuts on her body.
The book is so creepy but at the same time it’s a sort of thriller: Bobbie and Caine start to do research on Mary’s past and try to find a way to stop Mary’s coming and save their lives.

The story made me pretty paranoid: I tend to read books on the train, but there are a few night where I’m able to read in my room for few hours and I have this (horrible) gift of always reading the scariest chapters before sleeping. And I HAVE A FREAKING MIRROR IN MY ROOM. I didn’t have good sleeping nights.

I will definitely read some more from Juno Dawson, maybe something not that scary. But I also would like to read more on horror. We will see.

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