A GIVEAWAY is coming to town!

Hello readers,
December is a pretty important month for me and one of my favourite.
First of all, it’s CHRISTMAS and I just want to give stuff, gifts and happiness to all people. *free hugs always*
Second, it’s my BIRTHDAY month — I always kind of hate my birthday. It’s on 27th December and I always received an unique gift (except from family) and pretty much never celebrate it since my school friends were always out of town. I started celebrate it maybe 3 years ago LOL.
Third, it’s the blog HALF-BIRTHDAY! Yes, I’ve been blogged-ish for 6 MONTHS and I’ve got to know so many awesome people in this community that I just want to give something back.


You will win a diverse book worth 10£ from Bookdepository or Wordery (you can enter if they ship to your COUNTRY).  You can pick a book of your choice but it has to be a diverse book: feminism, mental health, LGBT, POC, disability… Anything.
This is open international. The contest ENDS on 15th December!

YOU CAN ENTER IT HERE: a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. Keep checking my twitter page I may run other giveaway(s) there. If I’ve got inspired.

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