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Spotlight On: Louise Gornall + Interview!

“Spotlight on”  is my first (hopefully) recurrent post on the blog, I’m planning to make it a MONTHLY thing; the purpose of these blog-posts is to spread out the voice about Young Adult, especially the authors (new or less new) who makes this world so special to us. In the future, it might contains storytellers who hasn’t written only YA books.

My second Spotlight is on Louise Gornall. I’ve met Louise on twitter in a totally random way.. Someone was talking about mental illness and mention her debut book, so I’ve started to inform myself on this book “Under rose-tainted skies” which has such amazing shades of pink and I lurked a bit her profile and it was love. In these months I’ve been able to get to know her a little bit and I’ve found this amazing woman: she is a fighter and knows in first person how it is dealing with mental health problems; Louise is so open and available to talk to anyone, she knows how to listen and pep-talked you.
She’s also been so kind to give us a little of her free time and leave a mini-interview for the blog. So I can leave the spotlights directly on her.


  1. Hello Louise, thank you so much for grant me this interview. Before talking about books, tell me a little about yourself. Did you always want to be a writer?
    Hi Alessandra. Thank YOU so much for having me over. In all honesty, I didn’t always want to be a writer. I wanted to be an actress for a very long time, even went to college to study performing arts, but unfortunately my mental health forced me in a different direction. I actually discovered my love for writing by penning screenplays.
  2. What push you to write a book about Agoraphobia?
    I’m agoraphobic. I’ve been an agoraphobic for over ten years, so this is something I know, and something I have very strong feelings about. I wanted to put a story out there that showed this illness in its harshest light, that would hopefully contribute to the mental health conversation, give those who suffer a voice, and give those who don’t suffer a better understanding of how debilitating agoraphobia can be.
  3. Why do you think is so important talking about mental illness in young adult?
    Because this is real. People everywhere suffer with their mental health. Talking about mental illness in books gives young people access. It opens doors to understanding. It carries the conversation.
  4. Can you tell us anything about your next book? 
    Ooh! So… my next book is about a girl who is trying to come to terms with her body after an illness has transformed the way she looks. She’s at an age where everyone around her is starting to explore sex, but she feels so overwhelmingly unhappy with the skin she’s in, she can’t ever see herself getting that close to someone.
  5. When can we expect to pick up your next book from the library?
    I honestly have no idea. The story I’m working on is still very much a work in progress. I’m not even sure if it will stick. Though, it does feel pretty strong at the minute.


Under rose-tainted skies is the first and only (for now) published book written by Louise Gornall.
This book is about to knowledge mental illness: mental diseases are always so easy to judge, especially from people who doesn’t know what it feels to suffer from it; the classic response in front of this kind of disease is “Just don’t think about it” or “Be positive”.
“Under rose-tainted skies” is such a realistic fiction about agoraphobia and Louise did an incredible job in setting an entire story in Norah’s house.

I hope this post was entertaining and especially educating. Thank you Louise again for this interview. You should keep following her, I know she will be writing some other amazing stories. She will have my pre-order either way!

Keep fight, keep talk. You are not alone.

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