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Christmas gifts for Bookworm: Society6


Welcome to the Christmas gifts for Bookworm #3 (You can find my advice for the best bookish candle shops here and bookmark shops here). This post will be about SOCIETY6: a magnificent world where you can find the perfect Christmas gift for all your friends — bookworms and NOT.

This list is all linked to my FAVOURITE society6 shop EVER: EVIESEO, but I’m going to leave a few recommendations at the end! ENJOY and prepare your credit card details

    • MUGS: every person has a thing for MUGS. Either if your friend is a coffee or tea obsessed he/she will need a cool mug to drink it! Society6 offers two types of mugs: 11OZ and 15OZ at a very interesting price. Plus if you are buying them during a special discounts (and they’re doing them A LOT) they are practically for FREE!
    • TOTE BAGS: there are THREE DIFFERENT SIZES of Society6 Tote Bags and they have such a high quality and a good price! The smallest one can contain more than 5 books and it’s pretty strong.

  • STATIONERY CARDS: who is not looking for cards in Christmas time? Well, NOT ME! I’m actually buying a range before writing this post. They are so freaking cute *o* And they’re selling them at range of 3, 5 and 10 — of course, more you buy more you save!
  • CARRY ALL POUCHES: these carry all pouches are so HELPFUL! I’ve bought one of these before leaving this summer and it came so handy, not just for my holidays but even on regular days, I carry always with me in my purse. Every pouch can carry make up, tampons, handkerchief, pens, EVERYTHING! They came in THREE DIFFERENT SIZES!
  • PILLOWS: everybody needs comfort pillow both to read and to sleep. Society6 has such a good range of pillows: indoor or outdoor, pillow insert or just the cover, normal pillow or rectangular. They’ve got FOUR different SIZES! What do you need more? (Quick advice: if you are placing your orders outside US and need also a pillow insert, be careful at the custom fees. They are not high, but due to the size of the package you may pay for them!)

If you got any other recommendation feel free to leave them in the comments 🙂

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