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#1 Judge a book by its cover (IT/UK vers.)

As a lot of you know I’m Italian and I currently live in Milan (Italy) so every time that I put a foot in the library I get quite terrified but some of the italian cover and I’m still wondering why the italian publisher decided to take a path so far away from the original illustration. So I want to share with you some difference between English and Italian cover.

#1 Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone by JK Rowling

I couldn’t start with my FIRST real book: Harry Potter — I’m gonna post just the first one (maybe in the next post I’ll show you the sequels). I prefer the original version but I am emotionally attached to the italian version also: when I was 11 years old I didn’t even know what it was a book in a different language so I didn’t ever know about the difference. The problem with this serie is that right now they are so many different style of covers that it’s impossible to choose. We should stick with a (few) version..

#2 Dreamology by Lucy Keating

This is one of my favourite cover ever (and I’m waiting the paperback version to grab it one) and Newton Compton which was one of my favourite publisher when I was younger used this cover. Maybe it’s just personal but I really don’t like real human people on book cover — it seems a less serious book.

#3 Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

This difference is pretty good actual. I don’t understand which I prefer yet. But I like both of them. In addition, we also have the paperback now (which they’re not really paperback for me) and they have the exactly UK covers — my friend has been able to grab copies from the new version so I can start read this saga too. We just have the first 3 books but I hope they will translate fast I can’t have different version of the serie. (For now!)

#4 Shatter me by Tahereh Mafi

Another serie whom the cover has been ripped off and created like new is Shatter Me. Do you see the difference? I mean WHYYYY? Personally I adore the original cover of Shatter Me and I’m sorry but I would never buy the italian version even if it was cheaper. YOU CAN’T SIT ON MY SHELF.

Sometimes that it’s an additional reason why I keep buying books on their original language. What do you think? Should I keep going on with these kind of posts?

2 thoughts on “#1 Judge a book by its cover (IT/UK vers.)

  1. I love looking at cover comparisons too!! It’s so interesting…and sometimes kind of bizarre how different they can be?!? I kind of wish covers were always the same because it gets so confusing haha.😜 I think the Throne of Glass one is nice and minimalistic in Italian! But I still prefer the English one I think.


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