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I am NOT a zombie girl!

Hello reader, this is NOT a bookish post but it’s more a post against prejudice for people who watches horror show/movie.

All right, after this premise… I’m not an horror movie fan, but I’m a sucker for The Walking Dead (as a lot of you know) and I actually love Romero’s movie. There is something about zombie that I really enjoy.
What I really can’t stand anymore is that I’ve been called an unheartful person who enjoys to watch people being eating alive and death’s in general. Especially from people who are supposed to know me and of course, don’t watch the show. WOW.
Well, I AM NOT.

I don’t like horror. I actually haven’t watched an horror movie since 2/3 years now and I’m perfectly fine with that. So I want to just put out there in the world that THE WALKING DEAD is not a show about zombies who eats people, but it’s a show about HUMANITY. Of course, people are gonna die during the serie we still are in a freaking APOCALYPSE. But what you don’t know is that there aren’t that many human deaths… Definitely there are more in GAME OF THRONES, pointless deaths. So what? (I’m not going a post against Game of Thrones which I actually enjoy).

For you who don’t watch THE WALKING DEAD (I’m really sorry for you). The Walking Dead is a show about surviving of humanity. How people are going to react when there are no rules anymore, there are no more conseguences and authorities who are going to stop you. Are you going to stay human or not? Will you be able to do everything for surviving? It’s the surviving of the human race or what’s left of them.

I’m sure there WERE people who starts the show because of the zombies and the splatter, but there are the same people who don’t watch it anymore or yell for the slowness of the show. And this says a lot about (them).

Plus, the title ‘The Walking Dead’ is not about what you called a zombie but it’s about US, the human — who keeps fight on surving but they already DOOMED!

I’m sorry for this not-bookish post but it just got me on my nerves in these days. Stop judjing things that you don’t even understand.


P.S. Remember that every zombie movies (not talking about the show) is a metaphor to our society. #peace

2 thoughts on “I am NOT a zombie girl!

  1. WAIT. THIS is a thing? People judge you based on the SHOWS you watch? I mean, I like zombie movies and shows so OF COURSE I like when there are more zombies. But it’s not like I sit there to watch something and get super excited over somebody having their intestines eaten? Who even does?

    This seems like people creating an issue about nothing. I mean, people like The Vampire Diaries right? That has people dying for no reason and actual alive people (sort of, they are vampires but w/e) biting and killing other people.

    I don’t even understand how this is a thing. I’m sorry people have said that to you. Its just a show and watch what you want!

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

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    1. Thank you! It just leaves me without words. Like my best friend loves horror and stuff but I don’t think she’s an heartless person (or she won’t be my BFF). This just pissed me off and I just need to say something without people shut me up.


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