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Christmas gifts for Bookworm: Bookmarks


Welcome to the Christmas gifts for Bookworm #2 (You can find my advice for the best bookish candle bookshops here). This post will be about BOOKMARKS: every bookworm owns an endless quantity of bookmarks and even if he/she’s gonna end up to use always the same 2/3 bookmarks he/she can’t avoid to collect them and decorate his/her bookshelves with thousands of colored bookmarks.

So here we are. These are my favourite bookmark shops in the entire world! Their bookmarks are high quality and the owners are so nice and creativity that you just can’t stop buying from them!

  • NerdyGrlDesign: my top magnetic bookmark show is Melisa’s — you can find here bookish and television bookmarks, she realy has a wide range: Harry Potter, A court of Thorns and Roses, Alice in Wonderland, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who but also bookmarks christmas dedicated, my next purchase will definitely be THE GRINCH range (favourite holiday movie!). Plus if you purchase something during the first days of the month you will receive a rando bookmarks as a gift!
  • Marquisdusoleil: Caitlin’s shop is just pure ART! She makes artistic bookmarks both watercolor and illustrated, you can find really everything on this shop or request a custom order. The INTL shipping is so cheap just 1$ and if you live in the US is free! You just need to try.

  • NookAndBurrow: you can find the perfect original bookmark gift! If your friend already has all the bookmarks of the world, you can give him/her a WOOD bookmark: these bookmarks has such an high quality and they’re not much expensive; you can find Harry Potter, Game of thrones, Alice and general bookish bookmarks. Plus, you can ask a customize order only for your FRIEND!
  • BehindThePages: Gina’s started my obsessione with watercolor bookmarks. This shop is full of wonderful ideas (not only bookmarks) and I’m sorry but if you have already click on the link you will never be able to find a way out. Her products are just so addicted, they are the perfect bookworm gifts.
  • MyBookmark: if you really want to find something REALLY original this is the place for you! My Bookmark has an unique idea for Bookmarks, they’re all handcrafted and you character’s feet will not lose the page where you stop reading your book. They’re pretty expensive but they are worth it!

6 thoughts on “Christmas gifts for Bookworm: Bookmarks

  1. Ah, bookish presents. ❤ My mom got me these bangles for Christmas with charms that are made from the pages of some of my favorite books and she let me pick out which ones I want. I love her so much! Though…I may have to direct my brothers here. Book marks I love. Also bookish candles. *swoon*


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