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Bookish Christmas Gift: Candles


From this month on, you are going to find recurrent posts on this blog as an inspiration to find the perfect Christmas gift for your bookworm picky friend or (why not) a gift for yourself. It’s never too early for Christmas to me.

The first Christmas gift post is about CANDLES — because there is nothing more wonderful than smell a recreate environment or moment from your favourite story while you’re reading a book in your room. Autumn and Winter are the best seasons for enjoy candles.
Here you can find a few of my favourite candle shops all over the world.

      • MERAKI CANDLES, my number one candle shop is Heather’s. It is an etsy shop based in Scotland (my current favourite place EVER) and has 8oz and mini candles at amazing prices! (Plus shipping is so cheap if you live in Europe). She has candles for all the fandoms: Outlander, Sarah J Maas, Harry Potter and bookworms in general. PLUS, Meraki Candles has a theme monthly box where you’ll receive 4 minis with other stuff. I’M SO ADDICTED TO HER CANDLES!
      • IN THE WICK OF TIME, it’s an etsy candle shop based in the California (USA). Kaylan has a quite original design and candles that you won’t find anywhere else, i.e. the Stars Hollow candle, it’s perfect for Gilmore Girls fan! The negative side are the shipping cost since I live in Europe, but they’re worth it. I hope I will be able to get my hands on a few more candles of hers (maybe in a mini version).

    • THE LEAKY CANDLE, another shop based in the USA with an awesome name! The Leaky Candles are pretty as they’re smell and it has both 8oz and 4oz sizes, the shipping are not that bad for us INTL customers. They have a bunch of choices between Harry Potter and Disney candles. Lili (the owner) is also so available if you have any enquiries.
    • THE FROSTBEARD STUDIO, what a terrific NAME! I’m actually been obsessed with this shop since last year, when I received a Reading at Cafe mini candle from Owlcrate, but sadly they’re based in the USA and the shipping it’s pretty high for me (I’m waiting the black friday — finger crossed for a discount code!). They have an infinite catalogue of candles and let me tell you for experience THEIR SMELL IS DIVINE and I had a mini candle. I so need a full size candle from them.
    • NOVELLY YOURS and last there is Brittany’s shop which I didn’t have the pleasure to purchase from yet, but I’ve been admired the candles and the Instagram from months! They also have an Illuminae candle and it’s so freaking cute. Novelly Yours is also based in the USA.

Christmas it’s that time of the year where I give something back to all the people in my life who gave me even just a smile during the year. I invite you to help the little and independent shops for this Christmas and give something special for your family and friends.

6 thoughts on “Bookish Christmas Gift: Candles

  1. I’m obsessed with bookish candles, although I wish there were more in the UK so shipping wouldn’t be so high.


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