The blog is back!

I’m sorry for the absence. The blog took 2 weeks of not-willing break.
I was totally so busy at work and the things are not going really well: it’s like we are on a sinking boat and nobody cares about it; I’ve been pretty mad with my bosses and workers.. but I’m not going into details. I’m just pretty nervous with everybody who’s working with me. So I wasn’t really in the mood on writing and managing the blog. Beside the bad feeling at work I’ve been trying to take care of myself.

Since last week I signed up to the gym and I’m doing Pilates and Postural Fun Training twice a week, it’s pretty hursh but it’s sun fun and the courses are so helping both physical and psychological level.
I start reading my first SARAH J. MAAS book and I’m digging it, so I’m going to pass from ACOMAR to ACOTAR in few days! I really can’t wait. And I’m already waiting for the first 3 books from THRONE OF GLASS: a friend of a friend is gonna give it to me for FREE in italian since they will be out in a couple of weeks! *happy thoughts* This newly obession dragged me to buy the new FAIRYLOOT even if I wanted to wait for December, but I couldn’t wait and the boxes SOLD OUT in like 9 hours. SO INCREDIBLE!
I’ve been obsessed with BOOK CANDLES and bought it a bunch of them. I couldn’t live without them. Plus, I’ve finally started with my christmas shopping and I put myself in such a good mood! I love buying gift for christmas!
And finally, the tvshows are back and I’m so overwhelmed. Quick advice list:

  • This is us
  • Westworld
  • Speechless
  • Notorious


All right, that’s the most of it. I hope you will keep reading me.
Thank you 🙂

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